Need to store just the full path and filename in a SQL database


I’m looking for a tool where I can drag and drop files from a file share on our network in Windows Explorer to a webbased application. The application then needs to store the full pathname and filename in a SQL Server.

In our case, the files are not really that important, no copy or saving elsewhere. Just the user friendly drag and drop for the user to register the path and filename in a database.

I was hoping that one of you could tell me if this is possible with Uppy before we go and install it and play around with it. Is it the right tool for the job? If not, can you recommend something else for this?

Hope to hear from you!


I would think that for such a use case, Uppy is a bit overkill. Just use a normal drag-drop, maybe

Yes, we have used Dropzone before. The problem is that we can’t get the local path from the file that was uploades, for example C:\Temp\Examples\File123.txt

So Uppy will preserve the local path but dropzone will not? I thought dropzone just returns simple File objects