I wanna trigger another button

Hi, “Drop files here or browse files” browse files is my default trigger but i wanna give to another button trigger attribute how can i do that

this is my html code

Drop your files here
Drop files here or browse files
Images and video only, 2–3 files, up to 1 MB
Powered by Uppy

and this is my script file
uppy = new Uppy.Core({
		id: 'uppy',
		autoProceed: false,
		allowMultipleUploads: true,
		debug: false,
		restrictions: {
			maxFileSize: null,
			minFileSize: null,
			maxTotalFileSize: null,
			maxNumberOfFiles: null,
			minNumberOfFiles: null,
			allowedFileTypes: ['image/*', 'video/*']
		meta: {},
		onBeforeFileAdded: (currentFile, files) => currentFile,
		onBeforeUpload: (files) => {},
		locale: {},
		// store: new DefaultStore(),
		// logger: justErrorsLogger,
		infoTimeout: 5000
	.use(Dashboard, {
		trigger: '.UppyModalOpenerBtn, .select-file-button',
		inline: true,
		hideUploadButton: true,
		target: '.uppy-container',
		replaceTargetContent: true,
		showProgressDetails: true,
		locale: $("html").attr("lang"),
		note: 'Images and video only, 2–3 files, up to 1 MB',
		// width: (window.width * 0.2),
		// height: (window.height * 0.10),
		metaFields: [{
				id: 'name',
				name: 'Name',
				placeholder: 'file name'
				id: 'caption',
				name: 'Caption',
				placeholder: 'describe what the image is about'
		browserBackButtonClose: false