Uppy without dashboard or fileinput

I’m trying to get started using Uppy. All of the examples either use dashboard, drag n drop, fileinput etc.
Is it possible to have an existing file input field trigger the uppy upload? I would prefer to style my own button that triggers a click on the file field or trigger uppy.
Basically, I want to use the functionality of Uppy core but without any of the UI elements so I can use my own.

Hi! Yes, it is possible. Just use Uppy’s API from the docs: https://uppy.io/docs/uppy/.

  1. Add a <input type="file"> to you page, attach an event listener to it
  2. When you get files, call uppy.addFile({ data: fileBlob, name: 'name' }).
  3. Either set autoProceed: true so it starts uploading immediately, or call uppy.upload() when you need to start the upload.