How can I customize fileID

I wish to customize the addition of the file ID, yet I have not discovered any related information in the documentation or source code. Are there any extension methods available?

Some implementations, like tusd and tus-node-server, provide features or configuration options to customize the upload ID on a per-upload basis. However, since this is an implementation detail there is no extension in the protocol for this.

For tusd, have a look at the document at Customization via hooks | tusd documentation and for tus-node-server the namingFunction option would be relevant: tus-node-server/packages/server at main · tus/tus-node-server · GitHub

Perhaps I didn’t make it clear, the file ID I mentioned was handled by Uppy and serves as a key stored in the localSrorage.I want to use the MD5 of the file as the file ID instead of the file name, file size and file modification time.

That wasn’t clear from your first comment, thanks for clearing up. File ID is a very overloaded term, so without further distinction, it is hard to know what is meant exactly.

You can have a look at the fingerprint option for tus-js-client: tus-js-client/docs/ at main · tus/tus-js-client · GitHub, which is responsible for generating the value that you seem to be referring to. However, Uppy has its own fingerprint handling, so I am unsure whether you can overwrite Uppy’s fingerprint method:

Someone else might be better equipped to answer that.