Event or method for when metadata is saved by the user on the dashboard?

Is there a method that you can use to catch which photo/upload had file meta data written to it. My dashboard has captions that can be added to it and I would like to add a little icon if an upload has a caption. Any tips or pointing to the docs that have this info would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have found https://uppy.io/docs/dashboard/#dashboard-file-edit-complete but I dont know how to get the file object from here or add an icon to the corresponding file that was edited.

My crappy workaround that will inevitably break at some point:

  .on('dashboard:file-edit-complete', (file) => {
console.log('Modal saved', file)

items = uppy.getFiles()

items.forEach(function (item, index) {
  pictureDiv = document.getElementById('uppy_'+item.id);
  uppyStatus = pictureDiv.querySelector('.uppy-DashboardItem-status');
  if (item.meta.caption && item.meta.caption != "" && uppyStatus.children[0].innerHTML.indexOf("Caption Added") === -1 ){
    uppyStatus.children[0].innerHTML = "<p style=\"font-size:10px; color:green; margin:0px\">Caption Added</p>";
  }else if (item.meta.caption == ""){
    uppyStatus.children[0].innerHTML = "";