How to feed uppy dashboard with information on already uploaded file?

It has been wonderful. It took me some time to get uppy working, but everybody on the team loves it.

Now question I can not find the answer. I have a form with title and image. Image is direct upload on s3 and is stored as

<input value="{&quot;id&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;storage&quot;:&quot;cache&quot;,&quot;metadata&quot;:{&quot;size&quot;:1735,&quot;filename&quot;:&quot;hello_france (1).py&quot;,&quot;mime_type&quot;:&quot;text/x-python&quot;}}" class="uppy-upload-data" type="hidden" name="material[source]" id="material_source">

in the form. But the form is not valid when the title is less than 3 symbols. Check is made on the server so the server returns the error. So I have to feed uppy dashboard again with information about the uploaded file as it is already uploaded.

Do you know how could I do this?