Error on my Login page even uppy react not used there on login page

I am trying to use Uppy React in one of my React application. So i have installed below NPM packages in my project.
@uppy/core, @uppy/react, @uppy/dashboard

Now after this i have started creating separate component file and import dashboard, thumnailGenerator etc in my component file.

After this as soon as i start run my application, it throws error “Cannot read property ‘includes’ undefined” from node_modules/@uppy/dashboard/lib/index.js file. See below snapshot for reference.

My Aim is to achieve something like there is “Add” button click on it will add images. And once click on “Save” on top, it will save the information in database and images on AWS.

Can anyone please help me here ?


this something i would like to implement via Uppy React