Can't get Uppy to work with React

I have just installed Uppy from npm. While trying to initialize it, I am getting this error.

I am using @uppy/core@1.7.1 version. Any idea where I am going wrong?

@pratikshende I think you might be doing import { Uppy } from '@uppy/core';? That accesses a transpiled class constructor, which can only be as with new Uppy(), not as Uppy():

import { Uppy } from '@uppy/core';
const uppy = new Uppy(); // works
const uppy = Uppy(); // does not work

We expose a factory function on the default export:

import Uppy from '@uppy/core';
const uppy = Uppy(); // works

This is definitely confusing—the import { Uppy } from '@uppy/core' style is supposed to check if you’re using new Uppy(), but it looks like that check is getting omitted for some reason. I’ll have a look into why that happens. Sorry for the trouble!