Does TUSClient support Proxy

I am using TUSClient to upload large files in chunks to the server.
Here is my code:

public void uploadFile(UploadFileResponse uploadFileResponse, File file) {

		try {
			if (System.getProperty("") == null) {
				System.setProperty("", "true");
			byte[] bytes = Files.readAllBytes(file.toPath());

			Map headers = new HashMap();
			headers.put("token", getToken());
			headers.put("Content-Length", Integer.toString(bytes.length));

			final TusUpload upload = new TusUpload(file);
			TusClient client = new TusClient();
			client.setUploadCreationURL(new URL(uploadFileResponse.getUploadUrl()));
			client.enableResuming(new TusURLMemoryStore());

			Integer chunkSize = 1024 * 1024 * 1;

			Map metadata = new HashMap();
			metadata.put("name", file.getName());
			metadata.put("chunkSize", String.format("%d", chunkSize));
			metadata.put("contentType", "text/xml");
			TusExecutor executor = new TusExecutor() {
				protected void makeAttempt() throws IOException, ProtocolException {

					TusUploader uploader = client.resumeOrCreateUpload(upload);
					int result = 0;
					do {
						result = uploader.uploadChunk();
					} while (result > -1);

		}catch (Exception e){
			throw new customException(e);

Please consider the server has a Proxy URL to connect to outer world.
Please consider the above statement will return the outer world URL.
How to add Proxy support here.

tus-java-client does not have any feature for proxy support yet. If you want to contribute one, feel free to open a PR. As a workaround you can set a proxy for all HttpUrlConnections as described in this article: How to use HttpsURLConnection through proxy by setProperty? URL connection and proxy : HttpURLConnection – Java in&Out Blog If you want to modify the HttpUrlConnection to add authentication (or similar), you can override the prepareConnection method in your own subclass of TusClient: tus-java-client/ at master · tus/tus-java-client · GitHub

Hope that helps!