Dashboard - image ordering

Hello. Is it possible to change order of images before I hit upload button? Uppy has drag and drop for picking images to upload, but can it also reorder images by dragging?

I am using Shrine + Rails and this would be pretty cool to properly organize image gallery before upload (like Facebook does when creating a gallery).

Thank you.

Is this community actually active? At least a boolean answer would be nice…

Hi & welcome! Sorry for the wait, we try to keep an eye on here but sometimes slip.

Right now the files are essentially unordered from Uppy’s perspective, in practice that means that they are ordered by time added because of how JavaScript engines work. There is no way to change the ordering at the moment.

We’ve had several requests for adding more gallery-like features, in particular showing already uploaded files. We’re not investing in that from our end at the moment, because we think there are still enough improvements to do on our core functionality: robust uploads.

For the dashboard, simply ordering on order metadata would be a fairly small addition, but also having drag/drop functionality for it would be quite significant, and I’m not sure if that’s the direction we want to go in right now. If we do start adding gallery-like features in the future, this would be one of them, though.