Companion to pass (session) cookie

Is there an option for Companion to pass session cookies to the server?

Looking at the code it seems Companions removes “cookie” header (among other headers) before posting to the server - is there a reason for that?

If I remove this restriction, will companionHeaders work to pass a cookie to the server?


I think my question was not clear enough, I’ll describe a bit more:

We’re using Companion as a standalone server, behind Apache as reverse proxy to support https on a subdomain.

As the last step, Companion calls the endpoint with the uploaded file - is it possible to pass the session cookie from the reverse proxy to Companion and from Companion to our server so it’ll look like the call was originated from the user?

Why? to be able to authenticate and validate the upload request.

Hope this is more clear - thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi @Alan, I think I’m a bit confused by the question because I can’t distinguish when you are referring to Companion-client, and when you are referring to Companion (the standalone server). Could you please elaborate on this?

Sure @ifedapoolarewaju, I would like to pass the user’s session cookie all the way from Uppy/Companion client -> Apache Reverse Proxy -> Companion Server -> App Server

Is Companion Server able to pass cookies to my App Server?