Companion dynamic config


In our app we offer a whitelabel service and would like to add an option for users to add their own provider keys/secrets instead of ours. So basically pass custom keys when connecting to provider seevjce. Is it possible to do or would be a huge task? Any help or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks

@dovydas One of our team members was looking into this as we actually want to do the same thing for Transloadit customers. Work on that should pick up next month on our end!

We weren’t expecting anyone outside Transloadit to have a use case for it, so it’s interesting that you’re asking about this. What kind of app are you working on?

Yeah, it’s difficult to find many use cases like this :confused:I am working on, we have just integrated Uppy and it works great. The last step left is multi service keys. I didn’t have a chance to look into source code much to have any idea how hard would it be to make it possible. When you start working, would be great if you let me know how hard it is to achieve it :slightly_smiling_face: