Capture screenshot instead of video?

I am trying to use screencapture module in my svelte project. And for capturing screen recordings, it works great. However, is there an option I can use to capture a screenshot i.e. an image, instead of a video? I would also like to feed this image into the image editor next.

Hi, that’s a feature we definitely want but hasn’t been implemented:

We’re currently working towards 4.0, we can work on it afterwards :slight_smile:

We are trying to implement a feature similar to Google Search Side Panel where the user can screencapture a part of the screen to upload the image.

It would be great if this can be implemented in Uppy. I would be interested in offering help, if there are any pointers towards this.

Thanks a lot.

Would gladly take contributions for this!

The screen-capture plugin is where we would add this. I haven’t looked into web APIs you would use for this but the plugin is relatively small so it shouldn’t be too hard.

We have also have contributing guide.

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I’m not very fluent in react but to anyone who wants to take a shot at it, might I recommend this library for inspiration:

It uses native browser APIs and has no external dependencies. Once the image data is captured, maybe it can be fed into already existing image editor plugin for further cropping.

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Looks like the screen-capture plugin is used for the Screencast feature. Do you expect screenshot to be a part of this as well? I am not able to visualize how both Screencast & Screenshot could be in the same feature. Just making sure, the idea is to have additional import option called Screenshot for the Screenshot functionality.

I would add an extra button to the UI of the screen-capture plugin for taking screenshots. If you implement the functionality and add a button, I can get the design over the finish line.

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