AWS S3 Bucket Static Server

Hey everyone!
Currently I am running a static server with performs no server side processing using the inbuilt S3 buckets functionality. Within this website, I require the user to upload a GPX file and I need to store this file in my S3 bucket which is hosting the website. I am new to nodeJS and am unsure of how to implement uppy-server instead of just the simple uppy which I currently have in my website uploading files to the test servers. My GitRepo is public and I would love some help by any of you wonderful people!

This is for an assignment so my code is most certainly not optimal as I am short on time but if I am able to get this feature working correctly, that would be a dream.

Thank you!!

Hi Mike,

Do i understand correctly that you only want uploads to an S3 bucket? You do not need uppy server for that, it should already work. Amirite @goto-bus-stop @ifedapoolarewaju?

All the best, Kev