What version @uppy/google-drive for nodejs v14.16.1

Noticed the latest google-drive package won’t work for my node version. As well as many other ones. So which ones will?

Hi. what’s the error you’re getting?

For "@uppy/google-drive": "^1.5.22"

error for const GoogleDrive = require('@uppy/google-drive')

ERROR in ./node_modules/@uppy/google-drive/node_modules/preact/dist/preact.module.js
12:41:31 webpack.1 | Module build failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/masudhossain/gamingcompany/node_modules/@uppy/google-drive/node_modules/preact/dist/preact.module.js'

I get the same error with version 3.0.2

Which package manger are you using? can you try with npm if not already? what can you see inside node_modules? e.g. where does the directory tree stop?