Using Uppy to upload files in parallel with Cloud Firestore meta data

I read and try the Uppy Sleek, modular open source JavaScript file uploader. It works as expected for reactjs but what I need is to be able to take files/images filename and meta and create an entry in Firebase Cloud Firestore for every file in the Uppy Dashboard.

Like user select his files from drive or local and then I want to be able to from the Dashboard view to click each file and in a Form I want to add text/description and other meta about the file.

This meta would sent to Firebase Cloud Firestore. I tried to click the files in the dashboard but I think It cant be done that way. I maybe need a file-brower kind of component?

Any tips on this would be grate

That would be custom code server/client side to populate Firestore with the metadata as you upload/edit files. I’ve done a similar project with other app/DB, I can’t see it being done any other way.

It’s not that simple a project tbh, as there’s a lot of use cases and testing. But it’s doable.

Thanks I try some things now learning Uppy.

I use this:

  .on("file-added", (file) => {
    const { setFiles } = props;

to populate a Material-Ui Form that handles Firestore backend. Looks good so far seems like it will work I just have to hide the Dashboard and lett all interactions go trough the Form. Dunno the Dashboard “upload” button might be called programmatically