Using s3.awsClientOptions with Kubernetes

Hi all! I’d like to use the pre-built Companion Docker image (e.g. but I’d like to be able to set s3.awsClientOptions from an environment variable. Specifically, I’d like to set s3.awsClientOptions.endpoint to a custom (non-AWS) URL to point Companion at an in-house S3-emulating storage appliance. Is this possible?

If it’s not one of the preexisting image configuration options, I think I will have to add another Dockerfile and package.json to my project, install Companion with that, use a custom config with my desired S3 options, and then bake and deploy my own Docker image. Is that an accurate assessment?


Never mind! I found uppy/env_example at main · transloadit/uppy · GitHub which lists COMPANION_AWS_ENDPOINT, which I think is what I’m looking for :smiley: