Uppy - Companion - Google drive - Socket- Emitter never fires

I am trying to upload a file from Google drive however companion wait for the socket connection forever

By the log, the application never executes the code inside of the onSocketReady()

uploader.onSocketReady(() => {
logger.debug(‘Socket connection received. Starting remote download.’, null, req.id)
provider.download({ id, token, query: req.query }, uploader.handleChunk.bind(uploader))

The events are being added to the listener but never trigged.

if a monitor the emitter it keeps adding the files but never fire the provider.download
companion: 2020-01-09T22:56:10.083Z [debug] EventEmitter {
domain: null,
_events: { ‘connection:d357f6f3-452b-4e05-b0d8-2e0ec93ed002’: { [Function: bound onceWrapper] listener: [Function] } },
_eventsCount: 1,
_maxListeners: undefined } emitter() emitter()

An update is my firefox show a message
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://{IP}//api/8aa28338-5542-4c68-8e9f-b46767a84335.

any help?


This seems to be an issue with Companion’s token being out of sync with the token that your browser is trying to access. There is a similar issue here

Can you open your network tab in the devtools and send a screenshot after attempting to upload?

That should help us look further into this issue.

- Andrew