Uppy AWS Multipart - Error: Non 2xx at XMLHttpRequest for review

I am currently using Uppy AWS Multipart plugin to upload large file (10MB) from local to AWS S3 bucket.
I am not using companion URL and my code logic is:

  1. Uppy sends a request to create/initiate the multipart upload.
  2. Using the data returned from the previous request, Uppy will send a request to generate AWS S3 pre-signed URLs to use for uploading the parts.
  3. Uppy will then upload the parts using the pre-signed URLs from the previous request.
  4. Finally, Uppy will send a request to complete the multipart upload.

I passed stage 1 and 2. I had an upload ID for multipart upload and pre-signed URLs for each parts.
I got the Non 2xx failed upload error at stage 3 when Uppy tries to upload each part into bucket.
In “Network” tab of Chrome Dev Tool, the error message is “404 Not Found” and “NoSuchUpload - The specified upload does not exist. The upload ID may be invalid, or the upload may have been aborted or completed”.

Hope to hear from you soon.