Uppy addFile method does not return the uppy id (despite documentation stating so)

Hey guys;

The documentation for the addFile method states that that this method “… will return the generated id for the file that was added.” but this is not the case (unless I missed something)


It would be really handy to have the this id so that I can then call uppy.setFileMeta(fileID, data) right after adding a file to augment with some application specific data.

Any pointers appreciated.


  • Ryan

Sorry for the late response, but if this is still an issue for you, can you describe what does happen when you run the addFile method? Are you presented with an error, or does the file properly upload?

If the second case, what does it return?

It may be worth noting, that for whatever reason, the static typings for this method return void. Although I am not sure if this is accurate

- Andrew