Uploading Files in Nested Folders

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to select folders instead of files and have files within a nested folder structure uploaded?

I thought I saw mention of nested folders being supported since 2020 but I can’t find mention of anything like this in the documentation.

Apologies if this has already been asked but I’ve not been able to find an answer.


Hi, I’m not sure if you mean local files or remote files from for instance Google Drive. But both cases should be supported if you use @uppy/core with @uppy/dashboard.

Thanks for the reply Merlijn.

It would de local rather than a third party service and is there a way of setting that you want folders to be selected rather than individual files and is this drag and drop only or can it be via a dialog box?

Sorry for the extra questions : )


There is currently not a restriction in restrictions to only select folder. Does it matter though, if a user goes into a folder and selects 10 files instead of just dragging and dropping the folder?

For my particular case it does matter and I would want to allow for a folder to be selected that could contain one or more levels of sub-folder. I wouldn’t want to allow for individual files to be chosen if I’d previously configured Uppy to appear on a page to only allow folder selection. Does this make sense?

The reason being is that I woould want all files existing within the nested structure to upload to our server and for the folder structure to be recreated remotely.