Tus upload performance?


Im running into an interesting issue where when using the default HTML5 File API to upload large video files runs relatively slow compared to my connection ( ~8mbit ) I was looking into tus as an alternative to the regular HTML5 file API - however when running the demo I still only get about 8-9 mbit. When using Uppy with the older XHRUpload method demo, I can upload at 100-150 mbit.

The same goes for uploading a file via Postman with a normal HTTP post, between 100-150mbit.



Hi there, apologies for the delayed response. Your numbers are surprising since the tus-js-client and Uppy’s XHR uploader use the same underlying technique.

I am also confused with what you mean by:

The HTML5 File API is used to read files but cannot be directly used to upload it somewhere. To do so you ultimately have to use the XHR API, which is also used by tus-js-client and Uppy.

Could you clarify what exactly you mean with that or maybe even show your used code?