TUS plugin seems to ignore end point with https (sends to http instead)

Hey guys;

I’m trying to hook up TUS…

The good part: I have pushed the TUS Go application to heroku and its sitting their waiting for work to do.

The confusing part: when I click to upload a file with Uppy, it sends out a request to an http address instead of the https address I have it configured with.

uppy.use(Tus, { endpoint: `https://my-end-point/files/`, resume: true, autoRetry: true, retryDelays: [0, 1000, 3000, 5000] })

But the XHR goes out as http://my-end-point/files/dsaisuyduiasdyusiad and I therefore CORS stops it.

I am putting together a reverse proxy on heroku to allow the https calls to be passed on to the TUS server but I am confused why the request doesn’t go out with the https protocol specified.

Any pointers savoured and appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Stepping through the code it looks like following function in tus-js-client/lib.es5/browser/request.js is converting the https url into an http one.

function resolveUrl(origin, link) {
return new _urlParse2.default(link, origin).toString();

Hi there,

this question appears regularly and is usually caused by a missing configuration for the tus server and proxy. If you are using tusd, can you check whether you set it up properly as explained in https://github.com/tus/tusd/#can-i-run-tusd-behind-a-reverse-proxy?

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Thanks @marius that helped, not sure how I missed that…

By default the tusd server writes to the server file store. Where would I find those? I don’t see them.

Also, should I be using tus in conjunction with the @uppy/aws-s3 plugin? I am currently using the @uppy/aws-s3 plugin and it’s working great…just trying to see how tus plays its part.

If I have an application that allows user to upload files using uppy, say the user starts to upload huge file…they start uploading but then refresh the page. What would I need to do to get the file uploading again? Just trying to understand how the different parts of your awesome offering work together.

By default, files are stored in the ./data directory, which is controlled by the -dir option. This is also mentioned in the console output of tusd.

I don’t believe you need tus and the S3 plugin but that question is better answered by the Uppy people directly :slight_smile: