Metrics integration with Grafana

On running the standalone companion server, it exposes /metrics endpoint.

How this can be integrated with Grafana monitoring?

/metrics is a Prometheus compatible endpoint. So you could configure Prometheus to scrape this endpoint, and add Prometheus as a datasource to Grafana, you can then start graphing it there.

Thanks @kvz

As of now the endpoint is open. Can I secure the endpoint to prevent public access?

Companion itself does not offer such functionality but you could do this within HAProxy or Nginx, wrapping the service

I’m using the standalone server setup using docker-compose routing 80 requests to 3020 without any proxy server.

It seems the metrics endpoint is only available to the standalone server.

I tried with the custom express application but the metrics endpoint is not accessible over there. It was possible to add authentication in express.

  1. Is metrics is available on custom express application?

Hey sorry for the delay, yes this is possible ever since we merged: Pull out metric middleware logic by mifi · Pull Request #2854 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub