Is the "tus" CONCATENATION API supported?

TUS defines an optional capability CONCATENATION. Does Transloadit support that?

Yes, Transloadit supports the Concatenation extension from tus. We use the tusd server ( which implements this capability.

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Marius, so I am experimenting with uploading. In my situation I would be using Apple’s networking stack.

My first problem is that I cannot even use a direct URL request (see my Upload using curl without multipart form? post).

Assuming I do find a way to get this to work, how would I use “tus”?

We always recommend using our official SDKs (, which are also available for Apple devices, for a stable and proper integration with Transloadit. Is there reason why you do not prefer this approach?

If you want to build your own tus integration with Transloadit, please refer this this document: We will integrate it into the docs soon, so it’s easier to find.

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Does your iOS SDK run when the user backgrounds the app, and there are huge files that need uploading? I don’t think so. This is why I’m going down this path.

In any case, THANK YOU for the reference to the tus integration document, its just want I needed, and in fact that architecture appears to fit my needs exactly!

Again, really appreciate the the detail you provided!

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I think you are right. iOS development is no my specialty but I remember that background uploads are not an easy task in our SDK.

You’re welcome! Glad you found the resource helpful :slight_smile: