Indeterminate uploads

I am trying to use uppy for processing data, not for uploading. So, I wrote a custom plugin, which reads a bunch of CSV files and converts it into JSON.

I am not actually uploading any data, so in this case, I am using postprocess-progress:

this.uppy.emit('postprocess-progress', file, {
        mode: 'indeterminate',
        message: 'reading files'

after the process is done, how should I get a green tick mark? Because when I end it with this.uppy.emit('postprocess-complete', file); I don’t get a tick, I can only get a tick when using it with upload-started and upload-success.

Like the one in

This is interesting. Due to the fact that postprocess-progress is not covered in the documentation, at least to my knowledge, I’m really not sure how it works. I assume that it will only display a stage in between uploading and completion

Due to this, I believe that using one of these events will be necessary. Although it may be possible to call, but I’m not sure

this.uppy.emit('postprocess-success', file);

If not, then in theory, you could call upload-success yourself. But, I haven’t tested this, and it’s just sorta hacky in general

If I come across a better solution, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, let me know how both of these work out

Good luck!
- Andrew