ImageEditor plugin with Unsplash source

I noticed that the ImageEditor plugin only activates on some sources but not others like Unplash or Instagram.

You can see this in the examples here - Dashboard — Uppy

Is this due to some sort of difference in the file format? File vs. Blob? Haven’t studied the source yet, but wanted to see if this was intentional or if I’m missing some simple config.


Ah - I think ImageEditor doesn’t work with sources that use Companion as the file is technically remote.

Yes, the point of Companion is that the file is downloaded remotely to save bandwidth on the client. Therefor, there is only metadata locally, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the remote download.

Makes sense, the companion also helps with CORS issues etc… so I hadn’t considered metadata only download.

Is there a way to download the whole image for cropping etc?

Unfortunately not for remote files.