How to test uppy?

I am trying to figure out how to test uppy. We are running selenium with capybara and I would like to properly test that the file upload is working. Do you know of an example somewhere?


Assuming you mean integration tests, this should be doable. I’m not sure which language you’re using selenium with, so I can’t provide code for that, but I can provide client-side javascript to execute

// Adds the file to the uppy instance
  name: 'my-file.jpg', // file name
  type: 'image/jpeg', // file type
  data: blob, // file blob
  isRemote: false // optional, set to true if actual file is not in the browser, but on some remote server, for example, when using companion in combination with Instagram

uppy.on('upload-success', () => {
// The upload succeeded

uppy.on('upload-error', (file, err) => {
// The upload failed

I know this is kind of broad, but hopefully this gets on you the right path for testing like this.
- Andrew