Having trouble integrating the Instagram, Dropbox and Drive plugins

Hi all,

I’ve looked over the documentation, StackOverflow, etc. and can’t seem to find an answer. I’ve installed Uppy into an Angular 6 site, nginx proxy on an AWS Linux back end.

Uploads from local files and the camera work fine.

The plugins can’t seem to authenticate.

If I remove the nginx proxy, I get a JSON parsing error (unexpected token <) and it doesn’t seem to reach the point of authenticating with the outside services.

If I keep the proxy and have it direct /instagram --> localhost, for an example, the browser loads a redirect url that stalls, and then the site just redirects back to its default page.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, since everything else seems to work fine.

Help is much appreciated.

Fixed by setting the redirect URLs in those accounts to: [domain]/connect/[type]/callback and directing nginx to proxy all /connect requests to the Uppy server instance. Might be nice to add this to the documentation.

Instagram is still buggy, though. It logs in but then throws an error:

[Uppy] [18:00:34] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘user’ of undefined

The user issue most likely is the same as this: https://github.com/transloadit/uppy/issues/1083