Golden retriever: feature branch mentioned in blog post does not exist

Hey guys;

I’m looking to integrate Golden Retriever into my application and was hoping to get a look at the branch referenced in your blog post

The branch is “feature/restore-files”

Is this code still around in some form?


Hi! A lot has happened to Uppy since then :joy: Golden Retriever was merged to master, it’s on npm as @uppy/golden-retriever, and the source code is located here:

And there’s a documentation page about it:

Thanks @artur I had already checked out the documentation but was hoping to find an integration example in that blog post link.

A somewhat related question I have in and around implementing golden retriever with TUS: am I able to configure the bucket and key for the final location of the file? I see that TUS has the s3store option but the bucket is configured ahead of time like so: tusd

When I use the AwsS3 plugin on uppy I am able to control exactly where the file goes. Will I have this level of control if I use TUS?

Thanks for your prompt replies!