Getting Our App Name (not 'Transloadit') In The 'User' Screen

We have used Uppy/Transloadit on our web site to allow users to upload files from cloud accounts into their accounts with us. However, the screen that the user sees when setting it up says ‘Transloadit wants to access your GoogleDrive’. (See picture) We want it to say our app name not Transloadit but our devs are saying this can’t be done? Is this true?

Hi there,

this is indeed true. As of now, when using Transloadit’s hosted Companion/Uppy, the screen name that displays when authorising Google Drive (or Dropbox, etc) will be “Transloadit”.

This is because these providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) don’t offer a dynamic way to set this screen name. We can only set one value while configuring it. And since Transloadit serves a good number of other users, it made sense to have it display “Transloadit” across board.