File explorer that works with Uppy

We’ve been using Uppy along with Rails 7 and the Companion for quiet some time, and it works really great!

Now we have a project in the pipeline that needs a file explorer (or asset manager if you will) where the user can upload, view, delete and edit files (e.g. images). Some of these requirements could be covered by Uppy itself (the upload to be sure and maybe the edit part), but the other stuff is not covered by Uppy, like listing files from an S3 bucket or a database column, having a file tree, deleting files…

I was unable to find open source projects that are still maintained and work with Uppy, but maybe I’ve searched for the wrong terms. Can someone please recommend projects or push me in the right direction where to start? We’re using Vue.js in the frontend and I want to avoid to invent the wheel again (at least parts of it).