Can't get dropbox icon to show in Dashboard using CDN

I’m loading in the CDN code for Uppy way above this, and then have this as the JS configuration with a tiny amount of data injected from PHP. Uppy works great, even talking to the server on the back end, but I don’t get the dropbox icon to show as an option. I’ve tried others, including Webcam, and those don’t show either. Does anyone have any clues?

const Dropbox = Uppy.Dropbox
const Tus = Uppy.Tus

var uppy = Uppy.Core()
    .use(Uppy.Dashboard, {
        autoProceed: false,
        inline: true,
        target: '#drag-drop-area',
        height: 300,
        showProgressDetails: true,
        showLinkToFileUploadResult: false, // I don't like these links - not a good idea to expose
        disableStatusBar: false,
        disableInformer: false,
        note: 'You can upload any file, of any size, into you job.',

    .use(Tus, {
        endpoint: 'https://<?= APACHE_HOST ?>/uppy/upload',
        autoProceed: false,
        resume: true,
        autoRetry: true,    // I've not tested this.
        retryDelays: [0, 1000, 3000, 5000],

    .use(Dropbox, {
        target: Dashboard,
        companionUrl: '',

// Set the metadata that comes out in the array so we know where to put this file.
uppy.setMeta({job_uuid: '<?= $job_obj->uuid ?>'})