Auto start webcam

HI, I’m trying to automatically start the webcam once my dashboard has been rendered. I read somewhere that uppy hasn’t introduced a feature like this, is it still the same??
I’ve also been trying to use scripts like below

useEffect(() => {
    const uppyBtns = document.getElementsByClassName(
      "uppy-u-reset uppy-c-btn uppy-DashboardTab-btn"
    ) as HTMLCollectionOf<HTMLButtonElement>;
    console.log(uppyBtns); // returns collection of 2 items
    console.log(uppyBtns.length); // returns 0
    console.log(Array.from(uppyBtns)) // returns empty array
  }, [cameraOnly]);

The goal is to check for the uppy buttons and filter out the one referencing the camera button, once filtered, call the click event. But this proved difficult because I couldn’t access the uppyBtns collection, and I still don’t know why. PS: querySelectorAll also didn’t work.
I don’t really care about the means so could anyone help me out with this?

I think you can do this instead:


It returns error property showPanel doesn’t exist

Probably a race condition depending on your React code. The Dashboard first needs to be rendered, but you’re likely calling this before the return of that component.

Actually I tested this now on Uppy and indeed you can’t get React components of Uppy with getPlugin(). I’ll take a look if that can be fixed.

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Okay, please update me if you find anything

Actually it is possible, I just used the wrong ID :see_no_evil:


It’s a bit confusing we change the ID per framework. You can also pass an id prop yourself to change this if you want.


I’m using typescript and it failed to compile saying;

Property ‘showPanel’ does not exist on type ‘UIPlugin’.

Same as before

I confirmed locally again that it does work. Check your code or share as much information as possible otherwise we can’t help you.

  useEffect(() => {
  }, [])

  <Dashboard id="dashboard" uppy={uppy} plugins={['Webcam']} />


import { useEffect } from "react";
import { useState } from "react";
import { Uppy } from "@uppy/core";
import Webcam from "@uppy/webcam";
import ImageEditor from "@uppy/image-editor";
import { Dashboard } from "@uppy/react";

interface Props {
  cameraOnly: boolean;

const FileUploader = ({ cameraOnly }: Props) => {
  const [uppy, setUppy] = useState<Uppy | null>(null);

  // Create uppy instance
  useEffect(() => {
    let uppyInstance: Uppy | null = null;

    const createUppyInstance = () => {
      uppyInstance = new Uppy().use(Webcam).use(ImageEditor, {});


    return () => {
      if (uppyInstance) {
  }, []);

  // Auto open camera on isCameraOnly
  useEffect(() => {
    if (uppy) uppy?.getPlugin("dashboard")?.showPanel("Webcam");
  }, [cameraOnly]);

  return (
      uppy={uppy ? uppy : new Uppy()}
      plugins={["Webcam", "ImageEditor"]}
export default FileUploader;

Returns Property 'showPanel' does not exist on type 'UIPlugin<DefaultPluginOptions> | BasePlugin<DefaultPluginOptions>'. Property 'showPanel' does not exist on type 'UIPlugin<DefaultPluginOptions>'

Is it possible my import statements are the problem or …?

You are using Uppy and React incorrectly. You have two options.

  1. Move Uppy outside of the component:
const uppy = new Uppy().use(Webcam);

function Component() {
    return <Dashboard uppy={uppy} plugins={['Webcam']} />;
  1. Use the initialiser function of useState:
function Component() {
    // important: passing an initialiser function to prevent the state from recreating!
    const [uppy] = useState(() => new Uppy().use(Webcam))
    return <Dashboard uppy={uppy} plugins={['Webcam']} />;

Lastly, do not call uppy.close(). You likely never want to call this.

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Thank you, your solution worked. I noticed that even though the app runs, typescript still refused to compile the code so I had to do this before it compiled.

useEffect(() => {
    if (uppy) {
      // Use a type assertion to inform TypeScript
      (uppy as any).getPlugin("dashboard").showPanel("Webcam");
  }, [cameraOnly]);

Now it’s running without a problem.

That’s not what you want to do. This is better:

const [uppy] = useState<Uppy>(() => new Uppy().use(Webcam))

useEffect(() => {
  }, [cameraOnly, uppy]);
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