[Uppy/AwsS3] How to set success_action_status option to 201?



I’m trying to set up Uppy/AwsS3 on the client browser side, and Companion on the server side. Simple form upload that uploads to an S3 bucket via a packaged up Express app.

I’ve followed all steps but am not sure how I should be setting this from Companion:

[Uppy] [14:33:33] [AwsS3] No response data found, make sure to set the success_action_status AWS SDK option to 201. See https://uppy.io/docs/aws-s3/#POST-Uploads

Any other documentation lying around on this other than whats in that link? I don’t know where I need to set this, since I’m not using the AWS SDK anywhere (but I guess uppy is?)…