[Uppy/AwsS3] How to set success_action_status option to 201?


I’m trying to set up Uppy/AwsS3 on the client browser side, and Companion on the server side. Simple form upload that uploads to an S3 bucket via a packaged up Express app.

I’ve followed all steps but am not sure how I should be setting this from Companion:

[Uppy] [14:33:33] [AwsS3] No response data found, make sure to set the success_action_status AWS SDK option to 201. See https://uppy.io/docs/aws-s3/#POST-Uploads

Any other documentation lying around on this other than whats in that link? I don’t know where I need to set this, since I’m not using the AWS SDK anywhere (but I guess uppy is?)…

Hey! Due to the fact that this is an old issue, there’s a good chance that this is already solved.

This seems like a strange issue. If you look into this section of code, you’ll see that Companion should be setting these settings by default. These changes might’ve been added after this post was posted, and think that you should be fine now.

Let me know if you still have this issue
- Andrew