Resumable AWS S3 multipart integration


What is the way correct of setting up resumable multipart uploads for aws?
When I configure companion and uppy and start uploading files, abort around 50%, reload my browser, then reupload the same file, it starts at 0% again instead of continuing at 50%.

What is the benefit of using multipart uploads if this feature is not working? Or is golden retriever needed for this? I’ve tried that but that gave errors for files being to big for local storage.

If you look at the multipart sdk doc for PHP for instance ( you see it saved the state of the uploaded parts so it can continue where it left off.

Hope someone can help me out, thanks!

Hi! Yes, Golden Retriever is intended to handle this, and unfortunately it doesn’t support large files yet :confused: We’ve been meaning to do it since landing Golden Retriever almost two years ago: but priorities have been hard.

I’m setting a post-1.0 release Slack reminder for us to actually examine what we neeed to do to implement this, because it’s been a very vague todo thus far which has made it hard to start on. We’ll know more in 3 weeks :slight_smile: