Line Breaks in Locale Strings

Is there a way to include a line break or otherwise two lines for locale strings in Dashboard? The default for en “dropPasteFiles” is “Drop files here or %{browseFiles}” and I’m looking for “Drop files here or %{browseFiles}
Maximum file size: 4GB” (a break between the browse files link and the word “Maximum”).

I’ve tried the usual suspects for newlines and escaping or encoding the break tag; none worked.

You are trying to enforce something stylistic in markup. This is what you want to use CSS for. I would target the class and override the width or something to get the effect you want.

The dropPasteFiles text is only intended to have the call to action in it. The note field is intended for additional information like this.

@Merlijn Nah. Otherwise there would be no break, nor paragraph tags. CSS is for styling, markup is for denoting formatting. Wanting two lines of text is formatting. You are correct that CSS is the solution for this limitation, thanks.

@goto-bus-stop The note field is absolutely positioned at the bottom of the dashboard (and is default styled in a light grey). The likelihood users miss an important note is high, and that will lead to frustration. I did end up finding the note field, and you’re correct in that this is where I should be putting this content, but the resulting markup is insufficient, thanks.

I can use CSS to take the existing note field, and set the margin-top attribute negatively to get it closer to the dropPasteFiles text. This is not ideal, I have to accommodate multiple renderings and have to guess as to users’ viewport dimensions.

An alternative, that’s probably the best option, given the limitation, is to use CSS to add content to the end of the Dashboard Title:

.uppy-Dashboard-AddFiles-title::after {
        content: "\A Maximum File Size: 3GB";
        white-space: pre;

Not great to have to put markup content that should be configurable in CSS, but it gets the additional line of text exactly where it should be, in all renderings.