Google Drive dashboard icon not compliant with branding guidelines


I’ve applied to register my company’s Uppy Companion server with Google so that anyone with a Google account can use it to upload to our hosted services. I’ve had an email informing me that it won’t be accepted as the Google Drive icon used on the Uppy dashboard isn’t compliant with their API guidelines here:

These guidelines state that we need to use this coloured icon instead:

We’re currently using Uppy Dashboard v 2.0.3 but it looks like v3 still has the white on blue SVG icon and I can’t find a way to replace the icon without it looking messy.

Has anyone been able to register their Uppy Companion as an OAuth app with Google? If so did you have to change the icon?

Any assistance is appreciated.



See this issue: Meeting Google's Branding Compliance Requirement · Issue #3153 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub

Thanks mifi - that looks very positive! I should probably have spotted that…