Adding Support for Real-Time Encoding


Today we are excited to announce a big new feature: real-time encoding.

Real-time encoding allows your videos to be encoded while they are still uploading. Since our servers can encode video files much faster than most of your users can upload it, they will no longer have to wait for the encoding process to finish after uploading a video. As you can see in the screencast above, this effectively amounts to a 150-fold increase in encoding speed.

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Im Ivan Gonzalez, I work at, and I have a question.
I want to know If the Real Time encoding is working right now?

Because acording to [], should work, but taking a look on the documentation I cannot find any reference to it.

Thanks in advance.


Hi there! Due to limited interest, fragility, and maintenance costs we have since deprecated that feature. I’m sorry if that’s a bummer! There is some good news though: we have been brainstorming on a better way to implement this and a reintroduction of this feature on our roadmap. But it probably will not happen very soon as we have other big features to attack first. Again, sorry if that is a bit of a letdown!